World disability day


Each one of us has a responsibility towards them

A couple of years ago, I had a first-hand experience of what it means to be ‘disabled’.  I had fallen from two steps, in the school where I taught English.
The doctors said, that I need knee replacement operation within a week if possible. It was too big a shock for me, also my students’ final exams were round the corner, so I decided to postpone the operation till the summer vacations. I suffered a lot of pain at every step, and had to use a stick or wheelchair. I had to walk with a very strange gait. I still went for my trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi because everything had already been arranged and paid for.

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Labor Day – a tribute to laborers in Pakistan.

Laborers I got to know…..

In 2010 when my husband and I moved into this locality, it was a relatively new colony. -Lots of construction going on all round. There was dust in the air and more laborers seen around here, than the residents. Watching these laborers working and walking around, holding their fearful looking equipment or just like that, made one a bit afraid of them. If my husband had to go out of town, I’d refuse to spend even a night in our home. I’d pack our stuff in our car, and drive off to my parents’ home in Bahria Town. No, I wasn’t going to stay in our home, with all those terrifying laborers living around us! There was crime too. Burglaries, and what not, and one invariably felt that it could have been the laborers, living in most houses under construction.

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