Happy 70th Birthday, Pakistan

(May you live forever, Ameen.)




The documented sacrifices of all people during partition are there for all to witness and feel their pain. Jimmy Engineer (the famous artist) devoted his life to document the hardships faced by those who had to give up everything for the sake of Pakistan, and move over here.15193546_1339526812747274_3227150554842439833_n
You and I both know all about them.  We mustn’t forget how many sacrifices it took to bring Pakistan into being. The birth pains were violent and unbearable.
Just twenty five years on – Pakistan faced dismemberment too – another painful experience of losing East Pakistan which was personally witnessed by so many. Today, recovering from all those hardships, Pakistan is strong and fine in many ways, (I know the media would like us to believe otherwise.)

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Financial Accounting with national progress

All my Facebook friends know that what I’m doing these days. Yes, here I am

studying financial accounting.

20431674_1627279083972044_8205382140819841517_n I’m sure you know much more about it than I do. You had it as a subject, I didn’t. Everyone says that the subject is ‘useless’, ‘not used in real life’ and what not! So far, whatever I’m reading is making a lot of sense. The other thing is that like you, I may disagree with some points. Next, I’m planning to look up the software being used. It has made me have a lot of respect for those who are good at it. The word ‘accountant’ has got more dignified intonations for me now! (Keeping in mind that a lot of ‘jugli bugli’ can be done through it too!) The fact remains that it is important.

We all know that it is the backbone of every organization and the key deciding factor in making it a success or failure.

-That includes our homes and our lives!


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Why it is best to avoid arguments.


(The best policy in any relationship: husband and wife, friends, boss and subordinate or any other.)


It is a fact that arguments weaken a team. It is best to avoid it.

Come to think of it. It never takes you anywhere, except to get even further apart. I don’t know why, but that is how it goes.

People who are by habit argumentative like:

“But Why???”

“I think it should be done like this….”

“How do you know?”

And so on. Such questions are very ‘normal’ except when they are uttered just to gain time, or to waste it. When a person has no intent of doing something, he goes into argument.

If you watch any one of those popular talk shows on Pakistan’s television networks, there is nothing but argument going on. The belief is; the more arguments there are, the more the ‘rating’ grows. Hence it is egged on even more. The anchor or one of the ‘plants’ will say such a thing that the conversation gets out of proportion ending in hot arguments.

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Being good at Change Management

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Aren’t my blogs turning into text books? I hope not! I have to be careful, I’ve been an educationist for too many years. My blog on transitional phases in life is actually all about change. One’s ability to do it well revolves around the skill in change management. As they say, the only constant thing in life these days is change!

So, how good are you at it?

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Let us get financial acumen.

Getting aware of the pitfalls that can happen, and knowing how to avoid them.


“I’ve witnessed a lady lose nine million rupees, and nothing could be done about it!” My bank manager Umer Malik mentioned. Immediately, I decided to learn more about this. The remark made me realize how vital it is for us to learn about the pitfalls during financial deals.

While this blog post is important for everyone, but more so for my fair readers! First, most of us women, are not given any financial stability with the men in our lives holding all the strings to finances in our lives. All the legalities are written and interpreted by the male members of our society to their own advantage. Making sure women are kept in the dark and at the greatest disadvantage in almost every situation.

Added to that is the female attitude…. “Why should I bother my pretty little head with these boring facts and figures? When I have enough on my hands, having to maintain my own figure!” She goes on to say to her dearly beloved… “You are there to deal with these things. I trust you.” Then, he goes on to die on her, or change with the changing times, and whispers from his family and friends….. Suddenly, she is all alone to fend for herself in this cruel nasty world. And she has only herself to blame for trusting the men in her life. They are human. They can make mistakes, why so, at your cost?

Secondly, when a woman does have financial control over her assets, she does not know how to hold on to these, how to invest it wisely or how to make it grow, in a halaal way. So, it was painful for me to hear how this woman actually lost ninety lacs and nothing could be done to help her. (One lac is $1000, so this lady lost $90,000)

How not to get swindled? This can only happen when we (and that includes the men too) take the time and make the effort to learn all we can about handling our finances in a mature way.


So, I asked my bank manager Umer Malik of Bank Alfalah, in E-11, Islamabad, if he could spare some time, and I could interview him.

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Mind your mind!


I’m talking to all of us smart phone holders. Our minds have been taken over by forwards, quotes, jokes, pics, and what not. Just like our phone starts ‘crashing’ due to so much useless stuff being stuffed into it – our minds do too! Then there are Whats App groups with their barrage of forwards. I agree some are rather nice. But ninety percent are useless and pointless! Groups have been made where no one says anything, except help crash your phone with forwards.


Combine this with our over populated country, with people barging into your space to tell you this that or the other. As some would say “dimagh ki lassi ban jati hai!” (one’s brain is turned into churned buttermilk….)

So, naturally, when you picked the phone to make a call, you end up never making it, because you got diverted.

It happens with me all the time.

So, it is vital to find ways to keep our minds in focus. Use the same phones’ ‘notes’ or ‘calendar’ to jot down all that you need to do for the day. Yes, the ‘to do’ list is more important now than ever before.

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Acquiring a new car and becoming a tax filer too!



“Faizan, can you come with me to see a car?”

“Why not, but I don’t know anything about cars.”

“You can pretend that you do! Just keep quiet and go with me.”

“Ok, I’ll go with you.” we were anyways going to the ETO office to try to find a way out of the mess that my outlaws had done on my previous car papers.  Faizan had bought my Altis from me. I had to give a good concession due to the problems he would be facing. As a result of that, I didn’t have much cash to buy my new car. So, my precious father, offered to chip in with the difference.   Now, I was ready to choose my next car. My automobile expert Daniyal of GT Garage workshop, was in Dubai for a training course, and I had to make do with Faizan. I mean I couldn’t just walk into someone’s house alone, to see a car, could I?

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Hocus Pocus – without any Focus

When you are trying to do what you really want to do!

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Abbas Husain my mentor and friend often uses this terminology which is so blatantly true about our lives today.

How can we focus?

“Nothing can be achieved unless you allocate a time and place to it. –even if one of these is missing, it won’t happen!” says Mahjabeen my spiritual mentor.


Ok, so you allocate a TIME and a PLACE to it. Then what? HELL BREAKS LOOSE! That’s what! Just like when you keep some money aside …. “To be used only for an emergency.” You tell yourself. Within a day or so, an ‘EMERGENCY’ will certainly happen.

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Happy birthday!

(My fifteen points of happy living.)


We all love to celebrate our birthdays. But we don’t want to get older. We want a long life, but we don’t want wrinkles. We want to eat our (birthday) cake, and have it too. So what’s wrong with it?

It is the most human perspective after all!

I know such energetic personalities like Nigar Nazar, Bushra Ansari, Shahida Azeem, Tahira, Mahjabeen, Munazza Qasim, Rumi Jalal, Hina Tariq, Munazza Azhar, Uzma Haroon and so many others who have proved that age is just a number.

Let me sum up what I’ve learnt so far in these fifteen points:

  1. One must celebrate one’s birthday with a bang! And share it with all those who have made one’s life so wonderful and great.
  2. Enjoy the present at all times.
  3. Be at peace with your past. (- remember to remember the lessons!)
  4. Gift yourself whatever you feel life forgot to give you. (Hint: flowers, books, trips to exotic places, meeting friends who forget to meet you, dresses, jewelry… whatever!)
  5. Stop blaming others (parents, circumstances, situations, siblings, country, community, religion, for not doing certain things in your life.) I believe, we are fully responsible for ourselves after 18 years of age. So, stop making stupid excuses, for yourself or others.
  6. Forgive all those who really were mean creeps in your life. (They are enough for themselves!)
  7. Never put your age as a barrier between yourself and what you want. Just go for it.
  8. Make your own rules when others’ rules don’t fit.
  9. Plan and deal with things you have to deal with ASAP.
  10. Exercise, exercise, and exercise. Eat healthy and smart. Stop social eating. (I learnt this very recently.)
  11. Learn new things at all times. (This includes, knowledge, skills, theories, recipes, exercises etc.)
  12. Love life and everything in it.
  13. Get your usual favorite clothes, and also try a few new styles in clothes and accessories.
  14. You know how to make yourself happy. Do it; (Hint: Music, painting, writing, cycling, running, dresses, DOING NOTHING. Only depend on yourself for your happiness.
  15. Invest in relationships and friendships.