Take heart, stay strong!

No matter what happens… 


In life, you’ve got to go on, and keep yourself fit enough to get on with the rest of your life. Remember, every issue is just like tissue, you use it and then throw it in the dustbin! Get ready, look around you. Make a place for the birds in front of your window, so you can watch nature….


Just look at this,  it got me so excited, when I heard about this 106 year old blogger. 

The DW television channel happens to be my favorite channel. It is positive and its documentaries are really good. The news is balanced. The program Euromax is so full of interesting clips of information. But the best was when I saw this piece on the 106 year old blogger. Wow! I mean how much more awesome can things get? I bet by the time we are 106, there will be other videos – or whatever style of videos there would be then –  about bloggers or authors of 120 years!



Yes, life is amazing. Such programs give one hope. To be alive (being like a vegetable would be no fun) to be alive and blogging!?!! Really love the idea and concept. She lives alone in Stockholm, walks around independently, is mentally stable and has a sense of humor too. (Says, people only read my blog because of my age!)

I just loved it.

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My Solo Trip to Nathiagali

There is something about mountains that just thrills me. I love mountains – the higher the better. It just refreshes you. This is why Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) regularly went and stayed in a cave (Ghar-e-Hira) for several days, on a regular basis. You need to distance yourself from your everyday life sometimes.

It is good to go with your dear ones, but sometimes, it is also good to go alone.


Why? To be able to think a thought through to the end. (He didn’t even have a smart phone!) In our cases, we could literally lose our own lives, due to all the distractions we keep having.

So, I got up and went off with my driver who was assigned to my husband back in 2004. Right at the time that i was leaving, I remembered that Hasnain, my domestic help has never been to the mountains. So, I decided to take him along; – In just a ten minute notice, he was ready!

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Getting life back to normal

After the crazy spell is over…

Farm house of my aunt Shahnaz Jafar and my uncle Brig. Jafar Khan. .

All of us go through busy spells in our lives. Though we often talk about it, and feel tired, but in fact we wouldn’t have it any other way. After all, we are busy doing what we want to do in the given situation.

We mothers tend to get a double shift because we are getting directly involved with our children’s lives, even when they are all grown up.  When my children were small, my elder friends often said this, that it doesn’t get less busy! They were so right.

Pakistani Orchid blooming in my home. I planted this tree six years ago. 🙂

As one’s children grow older and less dependent on you, your parents start becoming more dependent.  Now your own parents take on the role of your children and the responsibilities keep getting even more.
In my case, my mother had two falls in Feb/March. That really floored me. Now she needs more help and more often. Meanwhile my one daughter was getting engaged, and the other was leaving the country. Also both parents were facing the chest congestion that go with this season. It was a challenge all round.

Alhamdolillah. All these matters have been happily settled.


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Spring in Islamabad and in my life.

Spring is a new beginning…


Spring is a time of fresh beginnings and of hope. It is a time of flowering of all your efforts. It is the time when you are ready to come close to the fruits surfacing from your efforts.  Most of all to look into a lovely fresh start in your life.


Islamabad’s Ninth Avenue or the Agha Shahi Road has a short span of blossoming spring. It is amazing for a few days and hopefully a couple of weeks, you will find lots of cars stopping by the roadside, to capture these moments of beauty:


Loved this tree which was in full bloom even though it had fallen!

So, this is a glimpse into the spring in Islamabad which I love. As far as spring in my life is concerned, it has come in several ways….

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First three weeks of March 2018.

Don’t know about you, but each month is just going so fast. The important thing is that as life is moving on, we are achieving some goals, while some are getting left out. (That too, I’m sure is good.) Naturally, I don’t share everything – I have my privacy needs too! So, a big fat Alhamdolillah and thanks to our Almighty, who helps us through the rough edges of life, and gives us the courage to have such wonderful times too.

 My dad’s 91st birthday on 2nd of March:



My dad was born in 1927 in Surag a village near Pindi Gheb, (Yes, Gheba is our family name, as we are the original family of this region.) Pindi Gheb is located around 100 kilometers West of Islamabad. My Dad’s birthday is 2nd March.    I was wondering how to celebrate it. On 28th February,  I thought, ‘why not call my Dad’s favorite people and let him have a blast?’ I hadn’t had the opportunity to serve them anything so far, with their innumerable hospital visits and good will.  So, I sent messages on WhatApp to all the adorable friends, army personnel and family. ‘Why not meet him when he is hale and hearty?’ I thought. Sure enough. There they all were on his birthday – around thirty of them!

28378759_1863686876997929_1629835764339096137_nHis brother and sisters came over with their families. Even the Generals and the one serving General came over too. I was a bit apprehensive knowing it is against protocol to suddenly invite someone so senior without preempt.

28377999_1863687500331200_1678281112165650547_n (1)But, when General Qamar heard, he just came over with huge floral bouquets, like everyone else.  He was saying, ‘You had my number why didn’t you call me?’ Then I told him. He said, ‘For Brig. Sarfaraz, I’ll come at a minutes notice!’  That is the kind of response I had from Dad’s other cadet, General Saeed uz Zafar, who in spite of not feeling too well, came over with his usual wonderful gifts (the maroon sweater, which I had been searching for my dad, and couldn’t find, with flowers, and sadqa for the staff.’ I managed to get Mum and my gifts from his favorite Bonanza shop in F-10. I got some nice food made by my cook, baked the birthday cake myself and got his favorite seekh kebabs from Cheema and Chattha.

I could see he enjoyed it all.


Saadullah Bhai passes away:

My whole family was heart broken at this news. Nataliya managed to dig out these pictures. She was just four years old when she got to know them first. Here they are at a party at our home. We called them G-9 brothers, and here we are the G-9 sisters.

G 9 brothers and sisters Quetta 1988.
Saadullah bhai at a new year party at our home.
Saadullah bhai, myself and Najib in Fremont, USA, Dec. 2007.
Najib, Naveen and Saadi bhai   at my paintings’ exhibition at VM Gallery, Karachi, February 1992.
Both our families, photographed by Hasan experimenting with black-and-white photography, October 1992.
Most of G 9 brothers before they got married, as cadets.


Saadullah bhai, Najib and Nadiya in Fremont, 2008.
The two buddies: Najib and Saadullah Khan, at the latter’s home in Fremont, 2008.
Waliya, Saadullah bhai sharing their interest in cameras,  Jan. 2008.

Sqn. Ldr. Saadullah Lodhi was a very close friend of my husband’s. We were neighbours in Quetta in 1986-88. We have such fond memories of him, his wife Naveen and sons Azam and Monty. They moved to Fremont, near San Francisco later on. His wife often held grand parties at their home, in fact we all did. We just needed an excuse to have fun. There would be a lot of songs and dances. Bhai would often sing, and all of them would pull each other’s legs all the time! So much so, that we had musical evenings in Karachi too, having our musical evenings till 6.00 am while the city would be in curfew.

When my husband took us all to Fremont in 2008, Saadullah bhai’s wife’s sister gave us her house to live in. She moved off to her children’s place so we could enjoy ourselves. Every morning, bhai would be there to have chit chat with us, carrying bread and eggs or some other food items. Naveen, her sisters and their husbands, all took such care of us, we felt completely at home. What with Salim Mastan bhai driving our family to see Stanford University and San Francisco which became a memorable drive for us. The lovely brunch arranged at Saadi Bhai and Naveen’s place with our usual singing session is still vivid in my mind’s eye. Our memories are endless, and one’s heart breaks to know his cancer too was discovered at fourth stage, like my husband’s. May Allah rest his soul in peace. Naturally, I’m in touch with the sons and wife, whom we all are very attached to. Indeed, to Him we belong, and to Him we return. So, it has been a sad phase in life, it has taken me a lot of effort to keep my equilibrium going.

A sad patch in life:

My lovely mother also had a bad fall. It caused her a black eye. Thank God it is healing really well. Luckily, there wasn’t much pain involved, but she has bruises in several places. She is needing extra care, so I help her in bathing, and going to the washroom. I’m grateful to God for keeping her in good shape and spirits in spite of it all. The first thing she said after the fall was:  ‘I’m getting ready for the big event.’ So, I knew she has her sense of humor intact. That was a big relief.

The happy one:

There is some very good news coming up too. (Yes, the ‘event’.) That is also there. So, Allah makes sure He gives us happy surprises and good times too, to keep us in good form.

No. I’m not telling you now, only that as I speak to you,  a lot of preparations are going on at home.

A big Thank You to the One up there!

First Solo Paintings’ exhibition of Asrar Farooqi’s Exhibition at Nukta Studios and Gallery:

Asrar Farooqi had left his home at the age of fifteen to pursue his interest in arts. It was because he realized, no one will let him become an artist. How he managed to support himself and find a mentor to help him on this journey is interesting; He supported himself by painting large billboards which were the done thing before the penaflex billboards started being made through computers. You had to be very skilled to make paintings of well known actors for cinema houses. Anyhow, he lived in Lahore for a while, then moved to Rawalpindi-Islamabad and worked with Ghulam Rasul.

He found his niche when he met Mansoor Rahi and Hajra Mansoor who took him under their caring wings. That is when he found his success. His first exhibition is the climax of his two qualities: belief in his own talent and passion for art, and secondly the art of being a good student. He gives great regard to his teachers and mentors, and listens keenly to their input on his work. That is why he asked them to be the chief guests at his first solo exhibition.

The Sui Northern Gas issue.

You see, what happened was that I needed to change the gas bill to my name. Previously it has been coming in my late husband’s name. As you know, I’ve been running around other spins in my life, and I was letting this one be. Last month there was a notice on the bill to get the ID card of the owner of house verified by their office. Now, I know my husband’s CNIC card has also expired. So, this had to be done. So, I called their office, and they told me to bring over such and such papers. So, I took along the papers to their office, and found out , it is not so simple!

Yesterday, I ran from pillar to post trying to go through the process of Sui Northern Gas, to do the needful. It seemed simple till the work began… Sigh, it was horrifying. It started with the horrific traffic jam in I-9 area, (it was a hint!).

The number of times I went to two offices and the stamp paper shop across the road, is lost, as my head was literally spinning at the end of it. All this in spite of the cooperation of the said persons; By the end, I got to know the guard outside, and he laughed that we know each other very well now, Mr. Nawaz, Mr. Nazar (who was absent due to the traffic, he was also absent on Friday last when I’d gone at 12.30 pm.) Then, Mr. Iqbal and Mr. Sana-ullah. Literally, towards the end, I’d just sit down and wait, and the people behind the counter would call me out, waving their hands trying to distract me from my phone. I was the only lady in the office, it was the men doing the spinning dance all the time too. Or should I call it the ‘relay race’: you went to point A, then waited for your turn, got a signature, on a paper, then to point B, then waited your turn, then got a signature. Then you had to go to the Stamp paper guy, (thank God, he knew all that was to be done.) The second time, I had to go, I asked for a cup of tea. When I offered to pay, he said, ‘it was your destiny.’ (yeh to ap ka naseeb mein tha!) When some papers had to be re-done, the stamp paper man did them all again, I thought he would make me pay again too, but he did it for free.

‘If one person spent almost six hours doing one thing, it is because your ‘systems’ are lacking!’ I mentioned to one official named Sanaullah. I was told,

‘it is up to you to make a noise. Only then something will be done.’  Un-till and unless systems are not improved people will be continued to be harassed. Literally, I made friends even with the guys who were running pillar to post along with me. We had a camaraderie – suffering the same running around. Of course, this can be improved. It is possible. The way the NADRA office has improved to become one of the best in the world, is amazing, I’m sure this department too, can improve. The staff is accommodating,  more can be done: here are my suggestions:

  1. Have the desks of the next step personnel nearby. Or give one person more authority, so the applicant doesn’t have to run for next step.
  2. Have a stamp paper and photocopy desk within the office. (This would help in not having to cross the traffic and road every time!)
  3. Have a bank representative there too, who can take the payment and give a voucher.
  4. Have another staff member at all desks during lunch break – to save the customers’ time. (– otherwise, have a cafeteria with good washrooms for customers, nearby.)

So, suddenly, when I was told the lunch break has begun, now I’ll have to come back after an hour. They gave me home work too, ‘go to bank and make the payment of the bills so far’ and a couple of more photocopies.  (I had brought the latest gas meter readings in a picture taken on my phone in the morning before coming.) So, off I went looking for a bank. The place was all new to me, there was also a severe parking problem. As I looked around flustered I found the Artech Home. I couldn’t help driving in. Thrilled to see something I’m so interested in.

Artech Home:


I walked in to this ‘wonderland’ with soft music playing and lovely furniture  – with lovelier prices – around me. 29432873_1885022441531039_3888886672263217152_nJust loved the ambiance. Osama the Manager there told me they are the ones who designed Silver Oaks in F-10 Islamabad which is a beautifully constructed building. My husband and I had visited it with its split level four bedroom flats, studio apartments etc. it has a class all its own.

29366519_1885022508197699_3325573416148271104_nI really loved the designs here, and took these pictures with permission:

29425344_1885022751531008_851366529290207232_nSince it was a tough day, I got free after 3.00 pm.  – though I had got there at 11.30 am. (Yes, and I had already spent about two hours on last Friday too!)

Often I’m told not to get involved in so many things. Well, I’ll have to do the boring, drudgery stuff anyway. Why put a stop to the ‘cherry on the top’? No Sir! Yes, I’ll slow down my life one of these days. Right now, I’m just so happy and honored to do so many wonderful things.

Generation Rahi party for Hajra Mansoor and Mansoor Rahi.


So, I barely had time to get back home, change and be fresh to go for another function across town, where I was to be the anchor person at a wonderful event.  It was being held at the Adventure Complex in Shakarparian – a hilly range in Islamabad. A minute before it began, I was told that I’ll be conducting the function in Urdu language. Though I love Urdu, I feel less confident in it, as English is my mother tongue. (- More about that in another blog!) I was told, it should be a piece of cake, since I’m into Iqbal’s poetry which is mostly in Urdu. True. So, I usually say a silent prayer which Moses (who used to stammer) used to pray to God. ‘Please God, remove the impediment from my speech, and help me to convey my thoughts with ease.’ Well, between us, I say this prayer also before writing a difficult piece. Thank goodness it all went well.

29386276_1885023231530960_119291685854248960_nAnyhow, the event was to celebrate our mentors’ achievements and to thank them. To congratulate them for the tribute they received during the 9th National Exhibition at the National Art Gallery. Specially, to celebrate the Life Achievement award received recently by Hajra Mansoor from Jamshoro University, out of artists from 60 countries.

So, this is what I’ve been up to lately.

Stay blessed lovely ones. Sorry for long blog. I’m sure you would skip what you didn’t want to read. That is fine, I do it too. As long as you read the parts that interest you! 😉








Life can be funny….


Basically, I love life. Why not? My God has made this whole earth, this universe for us humans. – Me actually. (Okay, You and me!) So, why not enjoy living here? Why not celebrate this stay here, specially, when we really have no idea about the ‘departure date.’

So, one can’t help but be grateful for it all.

I heard the twittering of the happy birds outside my bedroom windows, and kept it partly open to hear them, even though it was rather cold. When I looked out to see what they were so happy about, I found out they had already finished off half of my precious cineraria plants which I had lovingly brought yesterday. They were busy eating up the rest of them!images

I had put their flower pots with the saplings on top of the wall in front of my bedroom window. Because on the floor, my dog Magic would have finished them off. He wouldn’t eat them, but play, and break the flowerpots. Sighhhh! What am I to do???


My golden Labrador Magic has finished off my precious lawn. Now, I’m wracking my brains and Pinterest while planning a grassless garden! My Cocker Spanial Paprika never did anything to my lawn except to pee in it. Black-Cocker-Spaniel-Dog-Picture1She was conscientious about not pooping in it, unless hard-pressed. She preferred to do it in my front door neighbor’s lawn. Irum’s husband hated Paprika, so my precious pet wanted to give him this gift of her poop. Of course, I’d have to hear about her death threats from him. ‘I’ll kill her!’ He would shout across the road. He also had a precious cat, which my dog loved chasing…. So, anyhow, cats will be cats and dogs will be dogs.

Neighbors will be neighbors. His wife is a good friend of mine. Believe me, she is.  Now, with Paprika’s death, (a natural one) my neighbors’ husband has also mellowed down.

So, the other day when there was this wonderful painting exhibition of mine along with 24 other artists. Generation Rahi’s exhibition –  which I was hosting also –  there were many guests, and afterwards we were having snacks outside in the cold. It was a very sophisticated environment of course, with the ambassador there and what not. 27332145_554574008253026_5973474362128823692_nSo, as I was talking to a guest, I tried to pull out my tissue as my nose seemed to need one. I put my hand inside my purse to get a tissue out, and out popped a pair of pop socks! I looked down in shock. The person also looked in. ‘Oops,’ I thought, ‘where did this come from?’


Then I remembered, yesterday, I’d bought a couple of these, and while the salesman tried to get me a plastic bag, I said, ‘no, it’s not needed.’ (I’m trying to reduce plastic bags.)  I put them in my bag, meaning to put them in my cupboard drawer, later.  So, I forgot all about it. That was embarrassing, and so funny.

Life goes on, and a couple of days ago, I was still recovering from my loss of my mentor, and then Asma Jehangir passed away. Such a great person, died at 65.

download (1)– A woman who felt the pain of all downtrodden people in Pakistan. Since there are many downtrodden people in Pakistan, so she spent a very busy and a very angry life. Due to this she was even more loved by all the downtrodden people of Pakistan. No wonder she was one of the most popular women.

So, Nageen Hyat (a gallery owner and women’s activist) had arranged a meeting at her place, of the Women’s Action Forum and all others who were interested. We all made a statement that we want an official burial ceremony for Asma Jehangir.

So, before that I had gone to visit a school for the poor, near my place. A person named Usman had called me up earlier, and asked me to see it. I had made my appointment many days ago with him.27867772_1842956129071004_2884846866221277722_n

As life is, it was raining heavily when I went, barely saving my car from getting stuck in the mud and puddles on the way to it. However, the trip was amazing. The children kind of stole my heart.27973158_1842956249070992_3607491057637702539_n It was a great pleasure meeting Usman. But I won’t tell you more because I’ll write properly later on about them. From there, I rushed across Islamabad for the meeting, for which I knew I was late. I had informed Nageen about it, she said it is okay as long as I do come. So, I managed to get to her area within record time, but missed her turning (due to my speed), and had to make a detour…. I found myself stuck in an unexpected traffic jam quite near her home, in F-6/1. I had never seen such a rush before. Pouring rain, and all cars jam packed and stuck. I thought perhaps there is an accident ahead. I saw a motorcyclist coming from that side, I asked him,

‘Bhai sahib kiya  ho gaya hai?’ (‘What has happened?’) He pointed towards his mouth in an eating motion, saying, ‘samosa ki dukan hai.’ (‘There is a samosa shop there.’)

I was shocked. Everyone had created a traffic  jam there due to going for samosas to the Bengali samosa shop. (Samosa is a very tasty fried saltish snack of Pakistan, if you haven’t had one yet, do find a Pakistani who will know how you can have one.)


I shook my head in frustration, I thought

‘Pakistanis!’ no matter what happens, ‘food’ is their first thought. So,  because it was raining so badly, everyone had to have samosas!  No wonder they are so good at it! I made up my mind to come here next time. (I’ve just taken this picture of their shop from an article.)

Meanwhile I finally managed to dash off  to the meeting, hoping to get samosas after the meeting, as Nageen usually has them. While driving there in the driving rain, of course I got the furthest parking from her home, as there were so many cars parked outside. I was walking to her place wearing my rainproof jacket and putting the furry hoody up, I wondered how Nageen would manage with all the wet shoes on her carpeted drawing room!

On entering the entrance area I faced the barrage of shoes on the floor.

‘Good one!’ I thought, as I took off my joggers, I realized the socks I was wearing had my big toes peeping out from the holes! (- Why doesn’t such a thing happen when my socks are fine? I wondered.)  It was too cold to take off my socks.

So, I walked in proudly with my big smile. Oops, I shortened the smile, as it really was a very sad occasion. My eyes, couldn’t help noticing that the dining table set up, had only biscuits with tea today…


Luckily, due to coming late, I had to sit behind some other folks so my holy socks couldn’t be seen by almost anyone. The meeting going on was a very good one, with people remembering the great activist with love and all of us feeling very sad. Everyone wondered  now who would be standing up for our rights, or for anyone going through a bad time.

I feel that, the best part was the fact that she died her own death in spite of the constant death threats she kept getting for standing up for the minorities and others.-  Especially, those who stood up against the misuse of the Blasphemy Law. She stood up to fanatics, murderers and all those who were unjust. (Unfortunately there are many in this part of the world, as in others.)

Afterwards, I quickly disappeared, yes, to hide my torn socks but also as it was lunchtime at home, and I wanted to be in my warm bed for an afternoon siesta.

I put on my joggers, and  dashed off for home. On reaching, I realized I had lost my mobile phone. When my daughter called me up, it was picked up by Nageen’s staff, who found it. (it must have fallen out of my jacket pockets when I bent down to wear my joggers.)

Last time, I had gone there for another meeting, it had been my car keys. Her staff had found them, then too. That time, it was because I had gone to the next room to say my Maghrib prayers.

They must think I do this all the time.

Actually I do! I’ve done it since my childhood, and so I have a lot of practice doing it. losing my keys, books and phone. My mum often said, ‘You’d lose your head if it wasn’t screwed on!’

This time I’ll have to agree.

How about you?

Well no one is perfect here. Nor am I. Every night, my daughter beats me at Monoply deal. It is our addiction to play.  My only demand is that I won’t budge till I’ve won at least once!

27336825_1833150683384882_2959094539577829674_n (1).jpg

So take a chill pill and relax, make sure to enjoy the funny bits that life throws at you. They are only there to make you smile as you go about the business of life and living in this beautiful planet of ours!

…. stay blessed, and keep smiling!


Note: Almost all photographs by author except photographs by members of Generation Rahi, and from Google of Asma Jehangir. Also those of the Labrador  and Cocker Spaniel from Google with thanks.


Sheema Kirmani,  Generation Rahi and Baaghi.


Interesting events during first week of February 2018


 Women’s Action Forum event at PNCA, Islamabad.

27072644_1829577587075525_5912433453390838650_nOn February the 1st was a program by Sheema Kirmani, she is owner of the Tehreek-e-Niswan which is in Karachi and performs all over the country. She was participating in an event by the Women’s Action Forum at the PNCA. All attendance was free and by invitation. (I’d really love to know how the financial logistics of such an event are worked out!)  Sheema is such a personality and dancer that her name alone insures a packed hall. So, of course, it was a packed hall. My friend Nili Hafeez  invited me for it, and even opted going earlier to ensure the best seats.

There was no classical dance as such.  However, it was all about women’s rights and how much cruelty is ‘bestowed’ upon her through no fault of hers. Right from the time of her birth, when people get sad at finding out her gender, to the education where she isn’t given equal education to her brothers, to her wedding, when she isn’t even asked about the choice of a life partner.


The wedding itself where all her rights are usurped by the Qazi by cutting out her right to divorce; to the treatment of her by the society in case she does divorce her husband. The cruel ‘tradition’ of not giving a woman her rightful inherited property, nor her other rights given by her religion. When she goes out to work, she doesn’t get equal pay from her employers. On top of that, she is sexually harassed. These plays are acted out in small villages and towns around Karachi by the group. It was all in Urdu language, and started with a Qawwali by the group of women. Though they had a few men in their team, all of them spoke out about the appalling status of women in Pakistan, who are made to suffer at all socio-economic levels. There was song, and dance and mime, and entertainment, while throwing light on all these sad facets of our society. There was even a bit of humor. The acting was really good. Each actor was doing his or her bit with all her or his heart. There was complete stress on how a woman’s life in this area is a constant spate of injustice upon injustice at all levels in the society.


What I really liked was that while throwing light upon the various sad aspects of a woman’s life, the performance showed women how to fight for their rights at all levels and in all situations. It was definitely solution oriented. They showed women how to get out of their stigmatized roles in the society, by speaking out and saying a loud ‘No’ to the men in their lives. If a hand is raised to hit, then to catch and stop that hand, if her pay is being used up by the entire household she has to speak out against that also.  So, I loved the performance and it reminded me of my father’s words: In our country we cannot afford ‘art for art’s sake’. We have to have each art performing a function and a purpose. Kudos to the whole team of Tehreek-e-Niswan, and Women’s Action Forum for makingthis memorable presentation at PNCA, Islamabad.


Kishwar Naheed was there too, and together with the CEO they remembered how on February 12th many years ago, in Lahore, they had even suffered being jailed and being tear gassed by the police for standing up for Womens’ Rights on the Mall road of Lahore.

Kishwar Naheed the great Urdu writer, reminiscing her vigil of fighting for women’s rights. 

One came out feeling good. Meeting Sheema Kirmani on the way out was a pleasure, she has agreed to be interviewed, on her next trip. She has assured us that she will perform her classical dance during her next visit in April.





A pleasure meeting such a dynamic personality as Sheema Kirmani. 
We met Ammar Masood at the tea on the terrace. He was keen to know when the next writers’ meet up would be taking place. 🙂

Annual paintings’ exhibition of Generation Rahi at AQS on February 2nd 2018:


Standing in front of Asrar farooki’s painting with the artist. 
Here I am in front of my paintings. 
Saleha in front of her painting of the peacock series. 
Hajra Mansoor showing the paintings to the chief guest. 
Hosting the show.
My friends and artists: Aania, Saima, Saleha, Samia, Yasmin. 
The inauguration ceremony. 


Air Cdre. Ahmed Ali and Gp. Capt Jamil who came with their wives to see the exhibition. 



Generation Rahi is the group of artists in Islamabad who are students of Mansoor Rahi and Hajra Mansoor. Since 2014, they have been holding their annual exhibition at AQS gallery, every year. It is a grand show. This time 23 artists participated.  Of course you know, I’m also a member of this group. We put up fresh work and the impact was even greater. It came on television also and the chief guest was High Commisioner of Bangladesh Tarek Ahsan. Here are some pictures from the event. I don’t think I need to say anything else now.

Last episode of Baaghi:

It was a very ambitious project. Considering the fact that the story of Qandeel Baloch is still fresh in people’s minds, to make a serial on her was a daring step. But the team was well equipped. Saba Qamar, Sarmad Khoosat, Irfan Khoosat and specially

Screenplay by Umera Ahmad, Direction by Farooq Rind, Written by Shazia Khan, Produced by Nina Kashif.

Each member of the cast and I mean each one of them absolutely surpassed all expectations. The production was high class. The detailed and sensitive way in which a very complicated and culturally mercurial subject was rendered, was executed in a very believable manner. One kept wondering when a single flaw would occur…. It didn’t. Saba’s acting wasn’t acting at all. She was Qandeel ! Yes, what I really appreciated even more was the fact that in spite of the fact that the actual personality did skip certain norms by wearing low cuts, Saba gave a convincing performance without giving in.

Words just fail me, when it comes to praising this production which has been another climax in Pakistani television dramas. It is another high!  – Loved every episode of it. Though the way the killing was done,  it showed other ‘would-be-killers’ how easily it can be done!  The fact remains, it was a beautiful production and the cast and team can rest assured they have surpassed people’s expectations and produced a block buster.


Note: videos and photographs courtesy my friends Neeli Hafeez, Yasmin Aziz, Saleha, and rest of my group. Video of Baaghi and tv news coverage of our event courtesy YouTube.

I realize this blog should have been put up earlier, however, I was upset about the passing away of my dear friend Shahida Apa. Stay blessed my lovely ones. Life is precious and every minute counts. We have to remain positive in all circumstances. 🙂 And we must say a big Alhamdolillah to our Maker for making life worthwhile for all of us, in spite of the sad losses of our loved ones…

PTV World Interview and the drive up the mountains.


Sometimes, one should let life happen. Specially, when it is the good stuff. All the happenings mentioned in this blog were a surprise. No planning, nothing. Just a willingness to go with the flow. That’s all. Often enough, we ourselves come in between by saying I have this that or the other thing to do. So just say ‘yes’, and hope for the best!

Okay, so do you remember how by chance I made friends with a wonderful person named Amber? (I wrote how I met her in my blog on Power of the written word .)

Amber is the one on the left, and Neeli on the right. We just clicked, and went off to the movies.

She was the one who later made it possible for me to be interviewed on PTV World.  A few days ago, I received a call from the producer Aamir Butt. Later, I spoke to the host Shabnam Riaz, and it was all settled. I went to PTV World, and met Aamir Butt, then Shabnam arrived looking stunning. I chose to not get the make-up done, because I wanted to look my own self. The producer and host both felt I’d be fine as I was, so we went ahead.



So, anyhow, it was my first experience of the kind. I loved the fact that I got the complete time slot. This was ideal, as I was able to communicate my ideas without any interruptions. The interview was for my latest illustrated publication of Allama Iqbal’s Tulip of Sinai.

As my friend Naila, (and co-editor of the book) mentioned:

‘It was nice to see the interviewer being interviewed!’ Which is a fact. I’ve interviewed people for Dawn and other newspapers and mags for over two decades. So, I appreciated more how Shabnam conducted the interview. So, here is the link to the whole interview, hope you like it, and your feedback would be welcome. It is about fifty minutes, so you can see it later, or now, if you have the time:

So, this recording was on Friday. By the evening, they had sent me the promo of the program.

Next day Saturday, I suddenly decided to drive to Lahore. I was going anyway, but felt that I’d love to go by road with my daughter.  It was a novel opportunity, as we usually travel in turns, so one of us is with my parents to take care of them.   So, this was a good opportunity to go in my own car.

It was so much fun that I wrote a blog on it last week: .Why I love driving

We returned Sunday evening. On Tuesday I had already agreed to go to the TDCP resort at Khajut, with the art group. I woke up late, and scrambled off to Rahi Studios. On reaching, I found out that we weren’t going in a coach but in our own cars. So, I dashed off to get more petrol and check the air in the tires. The gang was at the gate when I got to the Rahi Studios.

27331776_1820076771358940_1722623939207928033_nWe were happy to meet each other, and Yasmine clicked this pic as I went to meet Sir Rahi and my friends. And so we left.

To go on a trip with one’s friends is the best thing. With time, we all have got such a camaraderie, that we can say what the hell we like, knowing it will be taken well. Lots of jokes, and pulling of each others’ legs. This video is of further up the mountains. As it was so cold I put my scarf under the cap and found it nice and cozy. First, we had tea and pakoras at TDCP at Khajaut.


Hajra Apa and Sir Mansoor Rahi are so romantic and so cute.

26904119_1818867311479886_6001582377937913290_n26907672_1818844134815537_4638164828737954404_n26907721_1818844258148858_7168759376031759173_n26991639_1818319494868001_4055128229512377374_nTheir amazing bond, their softness, and their gentle behavior is an example to us all. I’ve never heard them raise their voices. Always speaking in a gentle way, with a smile, they too, pull each other’s legs in their own sweet ways. After Khajaut, we left for Changla Gali which is much further up with over an hour’s extra drive. It was fun going to find there was snow there!

The group at TDCP Khajaut, near Murree.

I’ll leave the pictures and videos to do the talking now.

Changlagali, is near Nathiagali, a place located at around 9000 feet above sea level.

Yasmin took most of the pics here. 

The snow at the end of the journey was a real surprise.


26992098_1818886374811313_1938844585657148875_n26992344_1818886418144642_9128554864262823024_n26993433_1818886858144598_736422938606617005_n (1)26994227_1818886908144593_6460604352078102543_n

Taqi bhai with Mansoor Rahi. 

Yes, it was very cold.

The lunch of Chicken karahi, vegitables, with salad and naans was delicious and yummy. It was topped with kinnus and oranges.

It was so cold….

I came back feeling so refreshed and happy. I’ve realized how important it is to just drop everything once in a while and let the wonderful surprises happen!

Stay blessed, my dear reader. How do you like the surprises in your life?




Why I love driving

My recent drive to Lahore.



Driving a car is my ‘me time’, my fun time. It is a time which is exclusive for me. I love taking along friends for drives too. As a small kid I remember going for long drives. It was always fun with my parents. At the age of five years, when my father was instructor in PMA, we’d often go for long drives to Mansera or Batrasi.  I was seven years old, when my father drove all the way to Hyderabad from Kakul.  I agreed to marry my husband Najib Khan mainly because he shared my love for travel. We’d often go off the beaten track to discover new places and later took our friends along for barbecues there. Whether we were in North or South of Pakistan, or in Kuwait, or going for Umra, the drives were our real thrill. We had many adventures and have lovely memories.

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Power of the written word

 Words can be so powerful, let me show you!


Honestly speaking, it is hard to keep pace with all I have to share with you. Life is so interesting and hectic. (Isn’t that how it should be?) The last few days have been pretty awesome mostly. But what happened a couple of days ago to Zainab, has shattered everyone. Enough has been said about it, so I do not need to add to it. But I’d certainly like to talk about the topic of child abuse, there are similar horrific issues too like honor killings etc. which deserve another platform. Most of the public keeps a blind eye to many such horrific things going on  – sometimes even condoning it –  none of the public seems to blink an eye to those. Thank God,  there are many organizations and people trying to bring justice and sanity.


 Each of us is trying to face personal hardships, diversions, struggles along with the collective ones that we share with each other. There are tragedies and struggles that we all are facing at some level or the other. We need to just be kind to each other. That’s all. Be careful with words and how we use them.

Seest thou not how Allah sets forth a parable? – A goodly word like a goodly tree, whose roots is firmly fixed, and its branches (reach) to the heavens, – of its Lord. So Allah sets forth parables for men, in order that they may receive admonition. It brings forth its fruit at all times, by the leave of its Lord. So Allah sets forth parables for men, in order that they may receive admonition.

Allah will establish in strength those who believe, with the word that stands firm, in this world and in the Hereafter; but Allah will leave, to stray, those who do wrong: All doeth what He willeth.

-Surah Ibrahim: 14, 24-27.) Al- Quran.

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