The flying flying-saucer!

 Formal functions can be so funny


In the College of Home Economics, we had to live in a house and manage it on our own. It was called ‘the residence.’ All Homec students have many stories about their residence experiences. What do you expect when a bunch of novices try to behave as ‘pros’? So, here we were at a dinner in our residence. Not everyone was used to cooking, and nor was everyone skilled at using the knife and fork.


I admit a flying saucer is not a formal meal, but that is what had been cooked that day. The meals had to be planned within the budget and preferably interesting dishes.

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Meetings sheetings!

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I don’t know if it is just among us Pakish people that we have a way of saying things like…. ‘meeting sheeting’, ‘school feeses’…. (sounding like the other feces!), saying ‘electric city’ to electricity, and so on. ‘Meeting’ being added with ‘sheeting’ can be quite appropriate as many meetings in establishments do end up quite ‘sheeting’!

Sudden meetings at one of my work places would end up being a horror. A normal day had one up at six a.m, with a commute of one hour. Office hours 8.00 a.m. till 3 p.m.  and getting home by 4 p.m.   Many times,  just when I would be thankfully leaving, the guard  would inform me at the gate, ‘Madam, the boss has asked all staff to be in the office for a meeting now.’ So, I would have to cancel any other things I’d planned for the rest of the evening.

Finally, the meeting would start, with entire school staff there wondering what it was all about through half of it. It would come to the point: by giving us  more work to do after that ‘meeting’,  and having to stay on another two hours! Now, if this work had been given earlier, around 10.30 a.m. that day, it  would have been completed by 3.00 p.m. No Sir, the boss was too busy at that time. So, yes, I’d say meetings sheetings is the right terminology in most cases. Otherwise, if one would have been warned a day earlier, at least one would have been prepared for it.

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Outside the box

Sometimes you need to think inside the box!


After spending a lifetime of thinking outside the box, I had to accept that sometimes, it is vital to think ‘inside the box’. It happened when my two-month dream holiday in Seattle, came to an end.

 It was time to pack my stuff into my suitcases. The ‘stuff’ refused to be pushed in.  You may note that I hate shopping. My daughter became my mother as she lectured me on the importance of travelling light. (It had a familiar tinge to it. I believe I’ve said those words too!)

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Papita and papiti


Story of my papaya tree

Four years ago, when we moved into our own home, my parents got fruit for us, and there was a huge papaya in it too. My cook planted those seeds, and very soon twelve ‘trees’ were growing one foot tall in my tiny ‘lawn’. When he wasn’t looking, I pulled out eleven of them as the flower beds were too small. I kept one, just to not break his heart. Unknown to me, another one was growing outside the boundary wall. It turned out to be the male. It was perfect distance for the bees and butterflies to do the needful. Within a few months, the trees had grown high and little papayas started appearing. Now, it’s a sturdy papaya tree but the funniest of its kind.

Instead of the one large ‘trunk’ there are so many branches sprouting out of the one main trunk. Instead of five to seven huge papayas, I get at least twelve or sixteen small 5-6 inch funny shaped papayas.

Last night I walked with my daughter Waliya to the nearby market, and saw the awesome huge papays growing on the one large trunk of my neighbours papaya tree. There were several planted in a row. Each one had at least four to six huge papayas!

Mine is funny to look at and has really odd shaped papayas too. What to do now? I’ve decided to call mine ‘papitis’ as they are so small in comparison. Well, no complaints, as I get a steady supply of papayas most of the year round. And I love my  tree just as I’d love my own child no matter how she or he looked!

Recently, I’ve noticed the ‘male’ plant outside has become all leafless and miserable. Is it dead? Now I’ll be needing a male.

I was in college when I’d hear mom and my aunt Ismat laughing when she said, “I had just moved into our new house, and my neighbor arrived and looking at my husband, while saying “I need a male from your house!” I  was so shocked. But I realized she was talking about papaya trees!” The two of them would go into peals of laughter. I never understood that joke.

Now I do!

…Stay blessed and happy my dear reader. 🙂 PS: I’m trying to cheer you up after yesterdays’ rather sad blog.