I love gooseberry jam!

imagesGooseberry jam has many associations for me. It is one of the highlights of spring time. Usually, I’ve found it in the fruit shops towards end of March.


This year it was such a surprise when two days ago, (it is end of February) I found it in the fruit shop inside a well-known medical shop in Islamabad’s F-10. I had gone to get a medicine for my father, and stopped in my tracks when I saw the gooseberries! I was so thrilled, I bought one kg and Nadiya bought half kg. Then of course the strawberries lying next to it couldn’t be ignored either. I’ll give you recipe of my Strawberry pie also, very soon.

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The sub-conscious mind

‘Block/delete’ memories or say Alhamdolillah?’


No matter how strong we think we are, life has a way of getting you. Here I am, having the time of my life with my daughter Nataliya, Son-in-law Bilal and little Anya in Seattle, USA. Suddenly I got dizzy spells yesterday. I got these after I cooked my favorite ‘Murgh Palao’.

“Why am I feeling dizzy? There is nothing stressful in my life. So why?” I thought.

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