Time Management for Creative People



Promoting a creative mind and doing creative work is essential for growth and development. It is only the creative mind which can think outside the box and come out with innovative ideas. Such minds have the ability to get out of difficult life situations and problems. Their problem-solving instincts are best as they are daring enough to create solutions to problems which have never been tried out before.

What do you think was the ability of the Wright Brothers? All scientists, artists, musicians, poets have this ability. We have to help in this creative process within ourselves, and in those who are members of our family and community.

Here is a video during an exercise, where I asked them to discuss time wasters in their lives.

Being creative is the most powerful element in life. We must work hard to develop these qualities within ourselves. I’ve really wanted to conduct a workshop for all those who have creativity within themselves but do not know how to get it going.

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Getting life back to normal

After the crazy spell is over…

Farm house of my aunt Shahnaz Jafar and my uncle Brig. Jafar Khan. .

All of us go through busy spells in our lives. Though we often talk about it, and feel tired, but in fact we wouldn’t have it any other way. After all, we are busy doing what we want to do in the given situation.

We mothers tend to get a double shift because we are getting directly involved with our children’s lives, even when they are all grown up.  When my children were small, my elder friends often said this, that it doesn’t get less busy! They were so right.

Pakistani Orchid blooming in my home. I planted this tree six years ago. 🙂

As one’s children grow older and less dependent on you, your parents start becoming more dependent.  Now your own parents take on the role of your children and the responsibilities keep getting even more.
In my case, my mother had two falls in Feb/March. That really floored me. Now she needs more help and more often. Meanwhile my one daughter was getting engaged, and the other was leaving the country. Also both parents were facing the chest congestion that go with this season. It was a challenge all round.

Alhamdolillah. All these matters have been happily settled.


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Shendi wedding – the best option.

Hope it becomes the trend setter.



There is a vision of mine; Our Pakistani weddings are going to become trend setters all over the world. Especially with the Shendi style of wedding that I witnessed a few days ago. As usual, the food, and everything was  put together in such a beautiful and fairy tale way.

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While it was the typical Pakistani wedding, what I loved most about it was the fact that it was all over and done with, in ONE evening. All the festivities were compressed into one evening of two-and-half-hours.


images (2)

Right from the dresses, the décor’ of the marquee, to the delicious food, the valet parking outside, the beautifully decorated hall, the fresh flower bouquets, the chandeliers, everything was tastefully and beautifully done. The hundreds of guests were all dressed in their elegant best.  It was the  complete extravaganza.

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Mustafa’s trip to Lego Land in Denmark

Pakistan’s participation in FIRST Lego League European Championship


Yeah, you guessed it right – couldn’t resist doing this blog before the end of this year! Something I’ve been dying to share with you.  Felt bad that every time we planned the interview, something would crop up. It is now 12.25 a.m. and I’ve just completed the interview. It is okay, as winter vacations are on, in school. My friend Aisha brought her thirteen year old son Muhammad Mustafa Zahid for the interview. They had just come after attending a wedding, and reached my place at 11.15 p.m. I’ve met this young man often. He also read out the poems of Iqbal  for my book launch last month, remember? So, let me not come between you two.,

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Compromise for Peace.

How we made the Out of Court Settlement.

My latest painting of magnolia flowers still blooming in a storm. – Isn’t that what we all are doing in real life?

Recently, Humans of Pakistan have shared our story once again. Also, UN has shared it as part of a sixteen day session of sharing strong women’s stories. This has brought it all back, once more. What we went through was so horrific that I wish it doesn’t ever happen to anyone  else. That is why I shared my story with HOP. Many of you must be wondering how we are now. My parents moved in with us the next year. We all are fine with Allah’s grace.

Here is the epilogue to that story.

First of all, thank you – each one of you – who prayed and supported us for our well-being, and those who shared their stories with us. Special thanks to Humans of Pakistan for sharing our story with their readers, so others could also gain hope from it. Yes, it is vital for us to believe in ourselves first. Know that the power of our intentions and the blessings from God are enough.

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Water issue in Islamabad


Seriously speaking, this is the most serious topic of our times in Islamabad. If we don’t take steps now, things will get very bad here. In the past we have seen entire towns and villages getting desolate due the the turning of a river. In the present times, with education and facilities, people have usually faced the problems well in time, to avoid such situations.

Islamabad was begun in 1960, so it is a very new city of our times. Saidpur village was probably the only habitation here in recent history.

Now, suddenly, with the onslaught of thousands of people coming to settle here, and the latest CPEC agreements, hundreds of thousands more are expected to come and stay in this beautiful city. Suddenly, with this news, the water got even more depressed and the level went down very rapidly.

The first thing that is analyzed before construction of a house, is the availability of underground water. The underground water level in Islamabad was easily reached by going around 140 feet deep. That is how it has been for many years.

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Problems or opportunities?

 Why am I telling myself not to write a blog this week?


(“Stop everything else and concentrate on my studies?”)

But still, I am writing a blog post, telling me that I’ll just do it in a jiffy? (Is that going to the computer lingo too?) … just like so many words, like apple, window, now it is gif? GIF?) oops.  Back to my blog… so I was saying…

What I learnt during my MBA was that you can replace the word ‘problem’ with ‘opportunity’ and it really works. Come to think of it, every problem in life has taught us something. If nothing else, it taught us which problems to run from and which problems to face and solve.


So, here I am, giving myself one hour to get this blog done with. I’ve written regularly for 27 years. Yes, actually! Ok, so many of you, my cute readers, are not even 27 years old ?!! No problem. You have better opportunities now than I imagined. Being lessor than 27 is one of them. See what I mean?

So, all these years, I’ve been a freelance writer for several dailies and magazines. Writing is a habit for me. Now, my blog has turned into an addiction! If I don’t write,  I feel I’m doing my reader out of an … opportunity????…. to learn something else, that I have recently learnt too.

So, I am studying Financial Accounting because I flunked in it. All the other papers went very well. So was my Project, but this is beyond me. I’ve got to work hard now. But, still I can’t forget you. So, here I am loving studying and learning new aspects of the subject. (Love it when it clicks. Hate it when it doesn’t!) While trying to focus on my studies, there are so many ‘problems’ and ‘opportunities banging on my door….

Water problem in Islamabad.

I’m sharing a couple of pictures with you of a pond near my home. These pics were taken three years ago. If you see it now, it is more rugged with much lessor water.


So, there is this water problem in Islamabad caused by the lowering of water table in this region. As Gp. Capt. Jamil – a friend of my husband and myself – just remarked, “had the CDA (Capital Development Authority) thought about it earlier, and built some ponds in and around Islamabad to contain the rain water, this problem could have been avoided.” Instead, I’ve seen CDA send tankers to take out water from the natural pond near my home.


So, I’ve been going frantic trying to brainstorm how to solve this water issue.

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Transitional phases in life.

It is like being thirteen years old again. There is an uncertainty in it, a confusion of identity and a physical transformation along with an emotional one too. Yes, lots going on here!


It starts with that familiar ‘unfamiliar’ feeling. When you don’t seem to fit in with your environment or you feel you would fit in if you were older, bigger, thinner or better in so many ways. Right now… you don’t!

You feel that feeling many times in life. – Starting with the ending of your college or university life, the end of any era in your life.  A time when you are not sure where you’ll end up.

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The end of an era of my life.

15826449_1388968774469744_2048956202139122988_nIt is that time of the year again.

The time of horrible flashbacks and remembering moments of pain, the time before and after my husband left this world – exactly five years ago.

“You must have been mentally prepared.” a friend of mine remarked.

“No, I wasn’t. It was the greatest shock.” I told her.

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