Ramzan, CSS school and Art classes.

Activities of last ten days of Ramzan. 


During  last ten days of Ramzan, it seems both type of people put on another gear! The worldly types move towards the bazaars and shops and more iftar parties. The shopping areas, and roads are packed till late night. The spiritual types completely detach themselves, and go into ‘aitekaaf’. It is a self-proclaimed detachment from worldly life and  focussing on Allah. Spending time only on  prayer and meditation for last ten days of Ramzan till Eid. During that time, one goes into searching for one’s inner self.


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Best Cancer Prevention video

By the Indian nutritionist Luke Coutinho.

No matter how happy-go-lucky we all seem to be, on the back of our minds, is this horrid fear of cancer. All those who follow me, would know that my husband died of Cancer. So, naturally, this word has a deeper connotation for me. It is natural to ask ‘why?’ and how did it happen?’ What could have been done to prevent it? As a wife, I felt so GUILTY, feeling bad that surely, there must have been something I could have done to prevent it?

Didn’t I see it coming?

No! I didn’t.

On top of it, GBM IV is called a ‘time bomb’ and a ‘death sentence’. Nobody finds out before it is too late. (What a consolation to have to deal with!) But seriously, when I saw the ‘treatments’, I’m glad it wasn’t’ found out earlier!

It was one hell of a painful journey which I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemies.

Watching this video last night did make me feel better. I can vouch for the fact that, what Luke is saying is 100% accurate.

I am a witness to it.

It also, makes me feel good that I did try to convince my husband to avoid these things, which I did observe him battling with….

So, anyone out there having these lifestyle tendencies, there is still time…

So, in a nutshell, this is what the video says:

6 Basic Commonalities observed in Cancer Patients.

  1. Constipation.
  2. Acidity.
  3. Sleeplessness at night. (No sleep.)
  4. Emotional Stress (Failure to manage stress)
  5. Sedentary lifestyle.
  6. Less water intake.

The greatest stress is made on the need to be forgiving, and as free of stress as possible.

So, all these things my husband had except the sedentary part. (Yes, the sedentary one did begin towards the last six to eight months.) He was basically a very active and health conscious-person. Only, towards the end, he started sleeping a lot.

Some said it happens due to being close to machines (he was an aero-space engineer, so loved machines), using too much mobile phones, being in a heated car, without opening windows, using mobile phone in-car, so on and so forth.

No one mentioned these points mentioned in this video.

When Asma Abbasi shared it with me on fb, I saw it and realized how much sense it made. I went on to watch more videos by this amazing nutritionist.

Wow. He is amazing.

It has given me so much comfort now, because for each one of these, I would try to help my husband in trying to avoid these aspects in his life, for instance, forgive and forget more, try to sleep more, have more water, be more relaxed in life and so on. Being a true husband, he would have an answer to each of the suggestions I made. (As perhaps I too would have done, somehow, we seldom listen to our spouse!)

Had he known how dangerous these could be, I’m sure he would have given it a lot more consideration.

This is why I’m sharing this video here. So, that if anyone out there has these issues, please realize how dangerous these can be.

All of these points are do-able.

We also need to accept the fact that one day our time will be up. I pray that when it comes, I can go with grace and acceptance, as my husband went. However, this doesn’t mean that we do not try to have a good lifestyle which is healthy right till the end.

Be happy, forgive a lot, have a lot of water, and take a nice chill pill as you go about your life. As they say in Punjabi, ‘mitti pao!’ (And I’d like to add: ‘grow lots of flowers in it!’)

Note: All photographs provided by author and Nataliya Najib Khan. All landscapes of Mount Rainier near Seattle. 

#healthyliving, #cancerprevention, #cancercure, #fitness.

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3 thoughts on “Best Cancer Prevention video”

  1. True. Makes sense. But we always try to make sense of life and try to analyze what happened to cause an event. But I have realized in life now that sometimes things happend without a reason. We can never find out many puzzles in life. Our mind wants to know why it all happened and what caused it. But the truth is that no matter how much we do research, only Allah knows exactly what caused what. But yes youre right. Its good to know so we can try to prevent.

    1. Yes Nadiya, yet it made me feel more at peace to watch this video. Your Papa also had a lot of acidity. Naturally, no one can connect such a ‘normal’ thing with such a horrific illness. Anyhow, it is worth considering, and worth watching out for these aspects of one’s health. Stay blessed, my jan.

  2. So well-written mama! Even though I was skeptical when you shared it, these points all do make sense. Loved watching the video and reading your commentary!

First Week of Ramzan, 2018

It is important to begin this month right!


So, with great hype and resolutions we started Ramzan. Weather has been amazing  in Islamabad, I’ve had days without fans even.  Yes, I know, it has touched forties in Karachi and other parts of the country. Anyhow, as usual, it is miraculously possible to keep the fast, and we actually manage pretty well.

33059432_1956783541021595_6346361393033248768_n (1)Then suddenly, you realize that you have to be careful. After the first thrill you realize it is not so easy either. Specially the sleep pattern is very disturbed.

Your charity resolutions need to be executed properly.  The most important thing is that you’ve got to start quickly with whatever you have planned. What happens is that ‘the early bird is already there!’


Last year, around the last few days of Ramzan, I went to Noori hospital (the cancer hospital in Islamabad) to offer iftari for one day for all patients. I went to find out how many patients are there. I was sent to the Administration officer in-charge, and he told me that before Ramzan begins, usually, a particular philanthropist comes and pays for all iftaris throughout Ramzan. Can you believe it?  I realized, how much our people are doing for others, and no one knows about it.

Then some times, I’ve wanted to get gifts for children, and it was started so late in Ramzan that it fizzled out. So, this time, I’m starting early.  I’d suggest you do the same.

So, if you want to do Charity work in your community, here are some points:

  1. Decide on which organization to help. Or just start with your own staff, and those in your community.
  2. Break the project into a time-line and clarify steps to follow. So, everyone is on same page.
  3. Gather some friends along, or start on your own, and offer others. If they join, it is fine, if they can’t, it is okay. Just carry on.
  4. Work at a scale that you can easily manage. (If it is too huge, it may fizzle out.)
  5. Use all your resources, intelligently: zakat, sadqa and donations can all be used.
  6. Starting from being able to give iftari to one poor person in your community, to being able to help orphans, elderly, travelers etc. in nearby mosque or orphanage.
  7. Use social media to gather resources and for information.32893887_1956568964376386_1598838186237231104_n.jpg
  8. If you have no funds, you can go to hospitals and give time to patients who have no one visiting them. (Do not take children to hospital with you.) Do your reading of Quran, in presence of a patient. Who may find the words very soothing. Make sure to read with meanings.


As far is Ramzan and fasting is concerned we need to keep these points in mind:

  1. Make sure to have eight glasses of water between Iftar and Seher. Yes, count it.
  2. Eat less! Control the food intake. Focus on fruit and veggies, instead of pakoras and parathas. This is not for me, I can indulge! 😉
  3. Speak less. (That’s also only for you!)
  4. Avoid all extra chores. (This is important, just remain focused on making time for things that matter.)
  5. Remain focused on spiritual growth rather than getting diverted in too much socializing (online or off-line).
  6. Try to say Taraviya prayers, (it isn’t compulsory, so keep it comfortable, ) say at least one Salat-e-Tasbeeh. Prepare for
  7. Read and try to complete the Holy Quran, and start again to read throughout the year. Concentrate on meanings and how you can apply it in your life. Find a translation that clicks with you. Read out Holy Quran to other members in your family and community who find it difficult.
  8. Give out trays of goodies to your neighbors and friends, by sharing your iftari. (Thank you Ayesha for those amazing gulabjamuns yesterday!)
  9. Give Zakat. (Pay the major amount now, but do not finish it off, do pay throughout the year also. This can be done by sponsoring a child’s education in PEF (Professional Education Foundation) or CSS school, Shawkat Khanum, Edhi or any other such charity organization.
  10. Remember to keep some funds aside for Eid. It gets rather tough during that time.
  11. Avoid having iftar parties at home. It is extremely unkind to your staff and yourself.
  12. Look after yourself and be kind to yourself too.31531508_1938139912885958_7970143254677028864_n.jpg

Stay blessed lovely and handsome readers, this surely is a month full of blessings!

Prayers and verses from Holy Quran.

Here is a sure shot way to face the trials of life successfully! At least this is how I faced them.  I’m sharing with you some of my special selections which gave me peace and courage during the worst times of my life.


These are verses from the Quran which have touched me deeply. I keep adding to these, as I read. The words have given me strength in the most difficult circumstances.

Note: The English translations are by Muhammad Farooq-e-Azam Malik (1997)  almost entirely. Kindly, forgive me if there are any unintended mistakes here. Just let me know, I’ll correct them.

Once I have read these words, I feel ready to face my day – with my Allah’s blessings.

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Friends are priceless!

How to have friends and keep them! 


Friends are some of the greatest treasures that we have. They play such a vital role in our lives. There are all types of friends in our lives. Some are very close, some are just acquaintances, the common factor is that you feel happy just being with them. They make a difference in the quality of our lives. They enhance and enrich us. Yes, having a true friend is priceless.


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Take heart, stay strong!

No matter what happens… 


In life, you’ve got to go on, and keep yourself fit enough to get on with the rest of your life. Remember, every issue is just like tissue, you use it and then throw it in the dustbin! Get ready, look around you. Make a place for the birds in front of your window, so you can watch nature….


Just look at this,  it got me so excited, when I heard about this 106 year old blogger. 

The DW television channel happens to be my favorite channel. It is positive and its documentaries are really good. The news is balanced. The program Euromax is so full of interesting clips of information. But the best was when I saw this piece on the 106 year old blogger. Wow! I mean how much more awesome can things get? I bet by the time we are 106, there will be other videos – or whatever style of videos there would be then –  about bloggers or authors of 120 years!



Yes, life is amazing. Such programs give one hope. To be alive (being like a vegetable would be no fun) to be alive and blogging!?!! Really love the idea and concept. She lives alone in Stockholm, walks around independently, is mentally stable and has a sense of humor too. (Says, people only read my blog because of my age!)

I just loved it.

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Time Management for Creative People



Promoting a creative mind and doing creative work is essential for growth and development. It is only the creative mind which can think outside the box and come out with innovative ideas. Such minds have the ability to get out of difficult life situations and problems. Their problem-solving instincts are best as they are daring enough to create solutions to problems which have never been tried out before.

What do you think was the ability of the Wright Brothers? All scientists, artists, musicians, poets have this ability. We have to help in this creative process within ourselves, and in those who are members of our family and community.

Here is a video during an exercise, where I asked them to discuss time wasters in their lives.

Being creative is the most powerful element in life. We must work hard to develop these qualities within ourselves. I’ve really wanted to conduct a workshop for all those who have creativity within themselves but do not know how to get it going.

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Second Writer’s Meet-Up at SS

It was a merging of writers’ groups in Islamabad.


It’s been a dream of mine for ages. The dream is to hold regular writer’s and artists’ meet ups at my studio. So, finally, this year I held the first one in January, First Writer’s Meet-up at My Studio.and now was the second one last weekend on April 28th, 2018.


You see, we writers, artists, poets are very sensitive people. On top of it, most of us are introverts. We also need our own space to create our work. In the process we get into a shell and then it’s hard to get out there and see where we stand in this world of ours. So, it is vital for us to find like-minded people with whom we can discuss our own work, see theirs, and discuss common issues.

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My Solo Trip to Nathiagali

There is something about mountains that just thrills me. I love mountains – the higher the better. It just refreshes you. This is why Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) regularly went and stayed in a cave (Ghar-e-Hira) for several days, on a regular basis. You need to distance yourself from your everyday life sometimes.

It is good to go with your dear ones, but sometimes, it is also good to go alone.


Why? To be able to think a thought through to the end. (He didn’t even have a smart phone!) In our cases, we could literally lose our own lives, due to all the distractions we keep having.

So, I got up and went off with my driver who was assigned to my husband back in 2004. Right at the time that i was leaving, I remembered that Hasnain, my domestic help has never been to the mountains. So, I decided to take him along; – In just a ten minute notice, he was ready!

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The time of my life

I’m so happy living in today’s world…

30743377_1917776121589004_4552503022650916864_nvideo link

Absolutely love it.  People constantly talk about how great the past was. Actually, one realises things are much better now.

As a writer, I’ve been through all the computer programs starting with WordStar. I clearly remember the time when Microsoft was a fresh new word. I thought, ‘Oh God, another word processing program to learn???’ NOOOOOoooo! I had wanted to stay with WordStar. Then I was told, ‘you’ll have to shift because everyone is on to it now!’ Yes, I had to!

30715888_1917775584922391_740927475407650816_nMy husband and I had the same desktop computer. One fine day I’d come to find it all changed. He had updated and upgraded the computer. So, then I’d have to learn new ways. I had deadlines to meet. I had to send regular articles to Dawn or Woman’s Own magazine.  It was quite horrific for me. Usually, I was teaching, busy with my three kids, and air force social life. It was quite a challenge!

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