Why suicide?

I’ve been there.


( Who hasn’t?)

We all have faced moments in life, when you feel there is nothing left to live for. Better to be dead, than to live this life day in and day out.  Finding every moment in life unbearable. – And all that sort of thing.

Suddenly, the question arose. How will I be remembered? You know the big question always asked is, ‘how did it happen?’ and then the answer ‘she took her life.’ Then the question, ‘why?’ and then it goes on, ‘she had found life unbearable’ and all that sort of thing.

I didn’t want to be remembered like that.

No. when my time comes, I want to go naturally, the way my Allah has planned it out for me. (He is good at every job He does, so I’m in good Hands.)

But the biggest question is didn’t you have faith in God?????

So what, if things are bad now.

It happens.

I know Azeema who has lived without both her hands and feet all her life. She has studied, done lovely drawings, wrote, and is on Facebook today. All done  with a beautiful smile on her lovely face. I’ve known Flt Lt. Nasrullah, a pilot who became a paraplegic (paralyzed from below the neck,  living without being able to move his arms or legs, for over twenty five years ) He lived with a smile on his face most of the time. – Always positive, always full of interesting information and quotes. He had something written on the wall of his well decorated room ‘so what?’ (- that’s where I learnt it.)

Yes, ‘so what?’

Get up! (I’m sure you can walk….) and do something thrilling, exciting and fun. Read books, read the Holy book (whichever one you believe in.)

Go, sit under a tree somewhere in the wilderness, near a stream or a lake. Or the seaside will do too. Think positive this time.


Decide once and for all, you will not let yourself think of anything negative, no matter how bad life becomes.


Write a diary. Start with your list of blessings.

Get up and cook a very nice meal, go out and give it to some poor person. Believe me, you will love doing it.

In hot summers, make a nice drink and serve it to laborers working near your home. Or anyone on the road.

Do, anything, but don’t think of giving away this beautiful life, that you ‘ve been blessed with.

Look around you, at the mother who thinks the world of you, the father, whose pride and joy you are, at your friends, (whom you are not appreciating right now.)

You cannot do it to them.  You just can’t!

You can’t give them a life time of wondering ‘where did I go wrong?’  “How could I not realize that someone was so unhappy near me?”

Have faith in God.

Honestly. When I felt in that way, I looked ahead and saw nothing to live for. (Your vision becomes quite distorted at such times.) I was also sure, that my Allah will take my life, if He thinks I’ve done my work in my life. Obviously, He had some stuff for me to do. But, at that time, I couldn’t imagine what?

He was right!

You cannot imagine the amount of ‘stuff’ I’ve done after that miserable time in my life. I have realized why He didn’t take my life when I begged Him to do so.

We all have been through those times. We just have to read Surah An-Nashra and read those words which mean, that ‘with every hardship, there is ease and comfort.” It is written twice, to make you believe it. During tough times and otherwise, I love reading the Quran’s sipara’s translations preferably on a daily basis. You invariably read instances  that you can directly relate to. For example, the hardships which the prophets went through, and the prayers that they said at those times. One of the most powerful ones is “La Illaha Illa ho, anta subhanaka, inni kunto minaz zualameen.” Oh God ,you are sublime, it is I who has been cruel to myself.” – meaning, that we face a lot due to our own mistakes and misjudgments. – To ask forgiveness, as much as possible.

It is all a matter of realization.

We are no prophets, but how can we believe, that we will face no challenges in life? The bigger challenge is to keep oneself straight through it all. To avoid choosing wrong ways to solve one’s problems,  which are legal, correct or acceptable to God.

I’ve experienced it, first hand.  With every hardship there was a lot of comfort and ease.

There was a very interesting exercise in one of the books, I read in one of my MBA books, just change the word ‘problem’ with the word ‘opportunity’ and you will realize, that with every ‘problem’ you came across an opportunity. Normally, without that problem, you would never have had that opportunity.

So, hold on to dear life.

It only comes once!

Warning note: If someone near you mentions that he or she is depressed, or thinking of ending life, or any such thing. Please take it seriously.

Do what you can, while you can.

Stay blessed my dear reader. Keep smiling even if you have no reason to smile. (It will become your reason, when you realize, you are smiling for no reason at all! )

Its an alarming situation just read this article on the current growing  situation of suicides.


PS: As I sit and write on my laptop,  looking at my room, my home, my family, my life. Alhamdolillah, I have been blessed in every way. I’ve achieved things I still don’t know how I did them. There has been a lot of adventure, suspense, travel, thrills and so much love in my life. How could I ever have believed ‘my life is not worth it?’

I’m so glad I was patient. That is what Allah loves the most. He rewards you for it. Be patient and trust Him. May Allah, God, Bhagwan be with you. If you are an atheist, still just be patient and wait to see for yourself what great things are waiting to happen in your life, don’t you want to be there to enjoy it all?


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